Move into the new dimension of reality

VR visualizations are not only pictures. It is a brand new, created reality which you can see and almost touch. Thanks to VR presentation you can make your project stand out from the crowd and attract clients’ attention with uniqueness and innovation.


your product alive.

Let’s move your clients into a new dimension of reality.

You can give them project totally different from what they have seen. Thanks to a new technology your clients may find themselves in the center of a specifically designed space. Together we can move them anywhere: into house development, domestic garden or inside an apartment, long before the investment is finished.

VR visualizations
for developers

We will create a photorealistic visualization which will stay in your clients’ memory longer than you think. VR visualization may move them in the center of the planned investment. You can use it not only as a gadget but also as a high-tech tool to present your investment’s project during the apartment fair or in a direct meeting.

VR visualizations
for producers

If you are one of the interior furniture producer, you can use the VR visualizations to move your clients into a place arranged with your specific directions. They can see with their own eyes how your products fit into interiors and how they can work with any rearrangements.

VR visualizations
in the interior design

Are you on the last step to finish your home and not sure how the effect will look like? Do you have any doubts about how you will feel inside? You still do not know which paint color to choose? Any of these problems will solve the VR technology. Now you can move to a finished home and then make a decision where will you spend next years.

VR visualizations

We use an equipment from well known, trusted producers to show you the VR presentation. Samsung Gear VR and Samsung Galaxy S6 give unbelievably realistic optic sense. Not only this equipment is fully mobile, but also the best in projecting pictures and colors.

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